We have lift off…

Believe it or not, after all I said yesterday, today I went to IKEA. While we loaded a flatpack wardrobe on to the roof bars we sat our 3 year old grandson in the drivers’ seat (key out, of course, handbrake pulled tight). I was warned that the first thing he would do was put the car in gear. Okay. He did that. Then the hazard lights. No problem, easily switched off. Then the central locking – momentary panic, he was sealed inside – again, no problem, I had the remote. Finally alone in the car and ready to roll I went through everything like a Jumbo pilot on a pre-flight check. Everything had changed. So… gearstick in neutral, wipers off, indicators off, main beam off, headlight adjusters back to their mid-position, dash light brightness control back to dim. Close the glovebox and other little cubby holes. Only then did I turn the ignition. Pulled away, out of the floodlit car park and into heavy traffic. I never bother with lights. I have a little thingy that detects darkness and does it all for me (okay, so I’m spoilt). It can, of course, be overridden with a switch I never use. And guess what….?
So when you have all your ducks in a row, watch out for the guy with the duck gun.


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