Sony ebook reader

I have been looking again. I really DO want one of those Sony ebook readers. My birthday is in November, two weeks away. The reader isn’t cheap, so there is no point adding it to my Amazon wishlist. Perhaps I shall ask Santa if he will agree to one of those combined birthday / Christmas presents that people like me, with close-to-Christmas birthdays, can justifiably demand. Demand…? Request, is what I meant. I rather like the Sony PRS600R ebook Reader. It has lots of functions. Rather like the Psion Organiser. Sorry, I promise I won’t mention that again, it is old technology now, but it was really, really good. Honest.


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  1. Hi! Hope this helps; I have a Sony PRS 505 and love it. However, the Sony Library Software is limited to the point of uselessness – I use Calibre, for me it’s better.
    BookMark function is easy, just push a button, but the index for the BookMark (when you want to go back) only lists the first 20+ characters of the first line on the page, so you’re back to guessing (pg 34, “..twice on tuesday…” doesn’t help when trying to recall why you bookmarked that page).
    No input feature on the eReader – so you can’t type the BookMark comment, nor any other comment of any sort (such as a book rating). I keep pen and paper tucked in my cover for those quick notes.
    I love the memory slot feature and do carry additional cards for various books that I don’t want taking up drive space.
    That’s the 505, I can’t speak about the 600, but if the comments are of interest to you, find out before you buy.

    FYI-I’ve read that the additional layer for touch screens increases the glare, but not having seen the 600, I only suggest that you try and see one before buying. (try BestBuy)

    I hope that you enjoy your reader, for me, it was a wonderful gift that I continually enjoy.

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