Dickens, Charles; censorship and other stuff

My blog has now been going for three weeks. In that time I have had nearly 200 visits, though 45 of them are my own – because WordPress counts even me. I suppose I could sit here logging off and on, taking a Walter Mitty view of the world by fooling myself people are interested in what I write. I suppose an average of 50 visits a week from complete strangers isn’t that bad. No, I won’t write for myself – honest – so keep logging in. And, if you like it, spread the word. Tell your Gran.
I love writing. I have written a lot over the years. Some of my early stuff was dire – or as they say up here, complete sh*te. Well, probably not that bad, as some things I wrote years ago now look so good to me I can hardly believe that I wrote them. I need an agent or publisher, I really do. I won’t consider vanity or on-demand publishing. I would rather give my work away.
Talking of asterisks… I visited a readers’ forum early this morning. On one single page of entries their censoring system produced the following: Es***; ****ysis; and ****ens. If you are puzzled, as I was, the first is an English county. The second is what you do when you examine things closely. The third is a rather well-known Victorian writer. Think Oliver Twist. I logged out, convinced the site was a complete load of b*ll*cks.

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