Creativity vs. Logic

‘I’ve drawn a picture of you,’ said the three year old. ‘That bit is your wiggly tail.’ I looked at the paper. I did indeed have a wiggly tail. ‘Dogs and cats have tails,’ I said. ‘I haven’t got one.’ ‘You have in my picture.’ ‘That isn’t right. What if I drew a picture of you with wheels?’ ‘I haven’t got wheels, I’ve got legs.‘ ‘And I haven’t got a wiggly tail.’ ‘You have in my picture.’ I did a quick sketch, a head with a body and beneath it, two wheels. ‘There you go,’ I said. ‘That’s you.’ He looked at it,delighted. ‘I’ve got roller skates!‘ ‘They’re not roller scates, they’re wheels.’ ‘I haven’t got wheels.’ ‘You have in my picture.’ Logic had triumphed. I suggested we both drew each other again, this time properly. I drew one of him with legs, and he drew one of me. His had a squiggle coming off what looked like my head. ‘What’s that?’ I asked, pointing at it. I knew what the answer would be. ‘That’s your wiggly tail…’

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