Bob the Builder meets Braveheart

In between hours of writing I am battling with my new website. I am creating it from scratch, so there is no way it will ever compete with websites produced for the likes of Robert Harris or Kathy Reichs. Having said that, it is looking at least as good as those of some published writers. But so what? At least they are published, unlike me (hey – not sour grapes – good luck to them, it’s tough out there). I am using one of those DIY website building programs, which is rather like learning to program again. Years ago I was a dab-hand at writing in dBase (anyone remember that?). I had hoped that I would never have to program again – not that this is real programming…

Today I made the mistake of going out without my laptop. I felt like Bob the Builder without his JCB. I took a camera instead. The camera is a good one, but wasted on me because I take snaps, I am no David Bailey. I did, however, discover Robert the Bruce on a rooftop – or is it William Wallace (better known to the silver screen as Braveheart, alias Mel Gibson)? You decide.

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