Kathy Reichs, Magnus Mills…

I always have a novel ‘on the go’. I don’t mean writing them (thought that is also true, because I just can’t stop writing), I mean reading them. Sometimes I read two at once (come on, I’m sure you know what I mean) but I only do that if they are chalk and cheese: Nick Hornby and Graham Greene, for example. Or Magnus Mills and Kathy Reichs. I have favourite authors: Ian Rankin, Robert Harris, Kathy Reichs, Michael Connelly, John LeCarre. I am sure you can see a pattern here, and because I am scared I will get stuck in a writing rut, I occasionally walk into a book shop, pick a book at random, buy it and then try to read it right through. It is how I discovered Magnus Mills. And Reichs. And several more. So why not walk in and buy a book written by someone you have never heard of? Take it home, open it and read it. You might discover a superb writer who is new to you. With me, unfortunately, more often than not, I struggle to get beyond the first few chapters. Is it me, or is it the writer?
So – yes – Kathy Reichs. Because I am creating my own website I have been looking at others. I checked Kathy Reich’s site. Unfortunately it isn’t finished yet, but I was impressed by the backdrop of limestone cliffs (yes, I am a geologist as well as a writer, so things like that turn me on. I can even date that limestone, give or take a few million years). I was so interested in the limestone that I didn’t notice the hand. [HER WEBSITE NOW CHANGED]

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