The god in the machine

My Grandson thinks my garage is a brightly lit Aladdin’s Cave of goodies. He is not allowed in unescorted of course, and as is the case when he visits B&Q, he is allowed to touch very little. He recognises drills and hammers but the rest of the stuff is, I suspect, quite magical – which might explain the phone call I had from him recently. ‘We have to drive in the car and it’s foggy.’ ‘It’s not foggy here, it’s sunny.’ ‘We have to drive and Mummy won’t go if it’s foggy. Make it go away.’ I have done many strange things in my life, but making fog go away is not something I remember attempting. ‘I can’t do that. It has to go away on it’s own. The sun will do it.’ ‘You can make it go away. You can do it in your garage.’ Which only goes to show how much faith three year olds have in their Grandfathers. There are probably ways of fulfilling his request (have you heard of FIDO?) but it would need quite a bit of organisation and a supertanker-load of petrol. And it would do nothing to improve my personal carbon footprint.

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  1. Alun

    Well – the faith that 3 year-olds have! Your grandson asks you to make the fog go away. I recall how when he was probably the same age, you gave your son a flashlight and he asked you to “turn on the dark” so he could test it!

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