‘Arctic Freeze hits Britain’

Oh really? Do you get the impression that some newspapermen seldom venture beyond Fleet Street (or wherever Fleet Street is these days)? Okay, we have 20″ of snow where we are, and that is after it has compacted itself during the past fortnight so we are probably talking about over three feet of fallen snow. Further north they have more, they are really snowed in. Two nights ago the temperature here fell to minus twenty. But Arctic? I don’t think so. Not that I have been that far north – I have flown over it, but that doesn’t count. I once visited Sweden, in winter, for work, and if our gallant press think it’s bad here then they should try wading through chest-deep snow. We were looking for a place to site the 6.7km deep Siljan Deep Borehole. ‘You go down there…‘ ‘What?’ ‘It is deep, yes, but it is nothing.‘ ‘It’s chest high!’ ‘Yes, but it is nothing…‘ It wasn’t the chest-high wading through powder-snow that worried me, it was the thought of stepping off the edge of something and dropping down deep. But I am still here, so the man (probably) knew the way through the woods and over the river. It was quite an experience, as was seeing quadruple glazing in hotels and houses. Quadruple, not double. And that was twenty five years ago.

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