Lagging behind

I spent the weekend in the roof. Not because I was locked up there (see my Jan 2nd post) but because I was laying additional loft insulation. We already had the housebuilders’ token (read absolute minimum) layer of glassfibre (you know the stuff, it lies there between the joists, about three inches thick, pretending to keep the house warm). Recently the two big UK house-parts retailers – I’m sure you know who I mean, the usual suspects – have been selling subsidised rolls of insulation at ridiculously low prices. A week ago one of them, Homebase, reduced the price further, presumably to dispose of slow-moving stock that cluttering up their stores. The rolls are over 1m wide, 7m long and 170mm thick, each one for the price of two Starbucks’ coffees. Even at twice that price it would be amazingly good value.

The reason I am telling you this is that since doing the work I have been turning off radiators – and that’s not because the weather is warmer, because it is minus five outside. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t expecting to notice much of a difference, but I am truly gobsmacked by the change. And all for under £50. Yes, £50 (about $80) for ten rolls. We have LPG heating and a tankful of gas costs five times that. So, if you haven’t got thick insulation in your roof, do it if you can, it’s worth it.

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