The Dick Vet

I went to see the Dick Vet today. In case you are sitting open-mouthed and wondering what has got into me, you might like to know that the Dick Vet is an institution, not an individual. Specifically ‘The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies‘. I went because I’m doing research for a new novel, I am bored with all this rewriting. If you have seen my website you will know I’ve been re-doing old novels. It is hard on my brain and does little to exercise my imagination. I feel it is time for something new, hence my visit to the Dick. I didn’t go in, you understand, I just looked at the place. Unlike Rolf Harris I am disturbed by sick animals. I didn’t actually see very much because the roads are blocked and it is it is one massive building site, they are constructing a new teaching block. The place is impressive. They will do a post-mortem on your goldfish for £45, and I understand they have the facilities to deal with large animals, including elephants. Though I’m guessing they don’t get many of those. Nor goldfish.

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