Mr Toad would not be happy

Last Thursday I did a 300 mile drive south using the M6 and M5. I accept that one of our great British grumbles is roadworks, and I also accept that roadworks are a necessary evil. Traffic was dire, as always, especially those unbelievably busy bits of the M6 between Manchester and Birmingham. I have been doing this run for years, but this one was a real world-beater. I didn’t check the total length of roadworks on my way south, but because my return journey today was more leisurely, instead of passing the time counting the number of red / blue / orange cars (no, I don’t really do that), I totalled the miles of roadworks with 50mph restrictions. The total length, excluding works on the southbound side, was 69 miles – SIXTY-NINE! I’m no speed freak, and the restrictions didn’t particularly annoy me. But could 69 miles of speed restricted roadworks between Bristol and Penrith (a distance of 250 miles) be a world first? Should contact the Guinness Book of Records?

The thing that amazed me as much as the length of the roadworks was the way some drivers blustered along at their normal high speeds, ignoring signs stating clearly that ‘average speed cameras’ are in use. What alternative universe are these people in?

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  1. The average speed cameras on the M6 roadworks near Carlisle are catching 1,000 a week.

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