Ratty and Moley

Well, probably neither Ratty nor Moley. Have you ever seen anything like this? It is not a particularly good picture, as I had to reduce it to fit. We had deep snow up here, three feet of it, and it has only just gone. A BBC nature programme suggested that small creatures might forage beneath the snow in search of food. Here is proof of that. Whatever this was (not a mouse, the tunnels are too big), made its way between the snow and the top of our lawn (which is more moss than grass, for this is Scotland, not the sunny south of England). Whatever did this (or made these, for there are many such tunnels, our lawn now resembling the ground beneath StalagLuft III) must have been hunting for grubs. Note that the pencil in the photo is for scale. The creature that did the digging didn’t stop to draw plans.

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