Waterstone’s e-books. Or maybe not.

This is a grumble. I’m not much of a grumbler (all right, so I tell lies). But this grumble is, I assure you, quite legitimate. If you have been following my blog you will know that I have a Sony e-book reader. It doesn’t replace real books, but it allows me to supplement them by carrying the reader in my pocket and bringing it out when I’m bored. I love it. It came with the complete works of Shakespeare, Wilde and Dickens (presumably for when I am desperate for things to read). I have bought e-books from WHSmith, no problem. Admittedly I had to download Adobe software to handle the anti-copying part of the purchase, but that doesn’t worry me. I like to think that if one day a miracle happens and my own work is published, the ‘Digital Editions’ software will work to my advantage. But I’m straying from my point. Who is the biggest book retailer now that Borders is no more? Waterstones, presumably. So why can’t I buy an e-book from them? I have been trying for days. Each time I get ‘There has been a problem fulfilling this request. Unable to contact e-book fulfilment service.‘ So, not my problem, it’s clearly theirs. I have sent them two emails about it. They have replied to neither. Either you sell e-books or you don’t. So what is it to be, Waterstones? In future, for me, it is back to WHSmith for my e-books and their flawless download.

I said this was a grumble, you were warned. And Mr Shakespeare, Wilde and Dickens, if you are reading this, no offence, okay? I love your stuff.

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