Wet Wipes

My car is amazingly dirty. No surprises there, considering the amount of muck and slush on the roads around here. We need a good downpour to sort things out (but preferably not while it’s freezing, which is what often happens at this time of year). When the three-year-old clambered out of the car I warned him against brushing against it in case he got dirty. He stood and looked at it. ‘It is very dirty,’ he said. I knew that, I had just told him that. ‘It needs to be cleaned.’ I knew that too. My logbook, or V5, or whatever it is called these days, says silver-grey (the paint, maybe, but at the moment the car is brown because very little of the paintwork is visible). I told him that it was too cold to clean it (minus 2 at the time), and that the water would freeze. But that was no problem apparently, because he had the solution: ‘There are baby wipes on the seat.’ He was right, of course. I keep a pack in the car in case of… well, you know, emergencies. So watch out, you car wash guys, your days are numbered…

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