Am I bovvered? Does my face look bovvered?*

A helpful person suggested to me that rather than put the first chapters of my novels on my website I should put extracts instead. It sounds sensible, so I shall do it… in fact I am already doing it. So far I have only changed Playpits Park. If you go to my website, click on novels and then on Playpits Park you will get my latest efforts (for some reason the layout seems infinitely more readable than the previous one).
I have never been one for self-promotion and when I started my website and blog I didn’t find it easy. Now it’s become tongue-in-cheek and I love it. I’m encouraged that with blog visits heading for 2000 and visits to my site in the hundreds (in only five months) I have had only two nasty comments. Both used the term ‘self-serving’, so maybe we are talking about one person rather than two. But what is a blog or website other than a form of self-promotion of an organisation or individual? It’s not as if bloggers hold people at gunpoint and force them to read. Am I serious? Does my face look serious? Pleeeeze click the link below. I’ve just stumbled upon it. Feel free to cringe.

*The Lauren Cooper character CT played made me cringe but she was bloody good.


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