Hara-kiri or kamikaze?

I was keeping to the limit on an ‘A’ road near home and approaching the brow of a hill. Over it, overtaking a line of cars and on my side of the road, came a large Audi doing at least sixty. One alternative to the emergency stop that I did was a twenty-foot drop to green fields. The other, of course, was a head on smash into cars. Our cars stopped dead, on ‘my’ side of the road, front to front and about twenty feet apart. The looks of the faces of the three passengers, all well-dressed businessmen, said it all – they had thought they were about to die (what a way to lose all credibilty with your mates). The driver gave me a sickly smile and a thank-you wave as he rejoined the tail end of the cars. What he should have done was get out of his car and fall on his sword.

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