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I have been neglecting my blog. I’ve been spending all my spare minutes splitting Playpits Park (extracts here) into separate chapter files and uploading them to Autonomy, a website run by publishers Harper Collins on which authors can display their work to other authors. It’s a clever idea because by allowing the peer-ranking of novels the publishers can pay more attention to the highly rated ones. The idea is not new and I am sure there are snags, but it does appear to work. Snag number one, for me, was technical – all my indents looked wrong and although it was easily readable I didn’t want to leave it like that. The site allows me to edit, so for the second time this week I had 45 documents open simultaneously in Word. Brain still hasn’t recovered.

Soon after I uploaded the novel I got this comment from a reader : “One of the best opening lines ever, Richard! Complete dark humor! I enjoyed delving into Playpits Park- kudos on a professional manuscript!” How nice. Oh… and that opening line is not on my website, I have only put random extracts. However, the whole book is now here.
More blog neglect over the next few days too, as aged aunt is coming up 90 and deserves a weekend of pampering. Bet she won’t put her teeth in though, even for family.

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