Gobsmacked by praise

If you have been following my blog (happily a lot of people do) then you will know recently I loaded ‘Playpits Park’ on to the HarperCollins ‘Authonomy’ website (blog post is here). It went in at around 6000th and in three weeks it has risen 5500 places. I wasn’t expecting rave reviews from my peers but that’s what I’ve got. I am veritably smacked in the gob.

How about: ‘Richard, I read this in awe. You are obviously talented and I have no doubt you have had some of your work published before. This is perfect, engaging, excellent writing and a model to all those hoping to write a good book. If you think my praise comes lightly, it doesn’t. I want to leave critique, but there is none. You are a far, far better writer than I will ever be. Superb’.

All that, without bribery! There are more comments, equally complimentary. But I shall remain modest. Pride comes before a fall, etcetera – though having never been published (despite what is said in the quote) I am still on the ground so I won’t fall far. It’s such a shame agents and publishers don’t feel the same way about Playpits (not that I’ve hawked it around lately). Playpits Park is here (be patient – the Authonomy website can be painfully slow).

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One response to “Gobsmacked by praise

  1. Robin

    Just read the first 3 chapters straight off and & can’t put it down & I really do have to go out – decisions decisions!

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