I have a black BMW…

And no, I’m not a drug dealer, they don’t have sidecars attached to theirs (I am probably years out of date anyway with drug dealers and the black BMW thing). My motorbike and sidecar is á la Two Fat Ladies. The sidecars are similar but the bikes are not, mine is a BMW, theirs was a 1996 Triumph (I know I said that in a previous post, but I have found a photo of them, and their bike, here). If the weather improves about 1000% I shall soon be taking mine out for a run. Or a spin, or whatever you do with bikes. If you are much younger than me – and most people are – then you may not know that bikes with sidecars were known as ‘outfits’ (I have no idea why. The term ‘motorcycle combination’ I can understand). Riding an outfit is unlike riding or driving anything else. Until you have mastered the art they are beastly things to control, they pull to the left or right depending on whether you are accelerating or braking. Imagine a boat dragging its anchor on one side only (or in the case of an underpowered bike, a boat with one side still moored against the harbour wall). Riding in a straight line requires arm muscles like Popeye. Mine are not, so they soon get tired. For me, one of the quirkiest things you learn is not to put your feet down when you stop, which I find counterintuitive. Learning not to put your feet down has a downside for those, like me, who also ride solo bikes. I’m sure you can guess what it is.

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