Dig For Victory

They have ploughed up some of the grass in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens. It is proper ploughing, the kind with deep furrows. The three-year-old and I even saw the tractor responsible, it was on a trailer being pulled out of the gardens up a near impossible slope near Waverley Station. We were both taking a break from the Edinburgh Science Fair at the City Arts Centre, and walking hand-in-hand in the sun (yes, blazing sun!). The TYO wanted to take a closer look at the furrows and to poke them with a sharp stick. ‘What do you think they are going to plant here?’ I asked. He responded without hesitation: ‘Potatoes!’

So, Albert Bartlett and your Roosters, you may soon have competition. If not from the TYO, then from Edinburgh Council. They need to pay for the trams.


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4 responses to “Dig For Victory

  1. If the TYO or Edinburgh Council did decide to grow Rooster potatoes, they would probably be very successful. Not only are potatoes one of the most efficient crops that can be grown, they are nutritiously packed with vitamins and minerals.
    Not even Edinburgh Council to muck them up (no pun intended)

    On second thoughts: just like the trams maybe they could!

    Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes

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