Rare species spotted…

I have just returned from the classic bike show at Stafford. While I was driving past Stafford University I noticed a particularly rare species of fir tree. Pinus Microwavius cellphonii is only ever seen on high ground and always alone, never in copses or clumps. Its fir cones are an unusual shape and grow clustered around the trunk, dispersing seeds over the surrounding ground at ultra high frequency.

I can only assume that whoever designed these these things has never seen a real fir, and played with Lego plastic trees when he (or she) was a child. Click on the image for a slightly larger tree substitute.

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One response to “Rare species spotted…

  1. bruce

    There’s one overlooking a road near me, as it’s up on the downs you can see it from half a mile away. It took a while to realise that all the branches are the same, just stuck on different ways up. Being a distraction, and as it’s on a bend I think it’s a road safety hazard. There’s a more ‘conifer’ version as well, equally unreal.

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