Turning in his grave? *Elementary, my dear Watson…

I have just bought the Jude Law Sherlock Holmes. Haven’t watched it yet, that’s a little something for the weekend (and if you remember barbers using that expression you really are getting old). It will make a real change from Jeremy Brett’s portrayal, he seemed to take over Holmes the way a military coup might take over a small country. His earlier performances were brilliant. The later ones became increasingly camp, and now when I occasionally watch one (a repeat of a repeat of a repeat) I can’t help wondering if Conan Doyle would even recognise his creation.

I realise of course that Law plays Watson, not Holmes. Holmes is played by Robert Downey, a name I can’t say I recognise and who has been in a lot of films I’ve never heard of. Let’s hope he’s good. Conan Doyle buffs will surely have been listening out for subterranean rumblings at Minstead Churchyard.

*as with many expressions attributed to authors, this one was not written by Doyle.

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