Waterstone’s renamed. We feel it.

I see that Waterstone’s has changed its name from a person to a thing. No longer Waterstone’s, it is now waterstone’s, gone from a proper noun to a improper one (though still with an apostrophe, so they haven’t lost their understanding of English useage and grammar completely). This distaste for the use of capital letters is puzzling. Language is a living thing (except French of course) and there are often good reasons for changing it. So what reason could they have for making this particular change? Surely not to impress customers, because the ones I see in the shops tend to be 30+. Perhaps they want to appeal to a younger age group. If that is the reason then they should go the whole hog. Why just drop the W to lower case when they could simply put wstns?

More about bookseller’s apostrophes here

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