Lost in Space no longer…

I have bought a satnav. I have avoided the things for years, relying on my faultless map reading skills and equally faultless memory (joke). When driving from A to Z I have always been fairly good at getting from A to W. It’s the W to Z bit that usually zaps me. You know what I mean, the road maps and signs get you most of the way and then let you down because your map scale is wrong or the traffic too heavy to keep stopping to check your directions. After reading a lot of reviews I bought a TomTom XL (it was cheaper last week!).

On Friday I drove north into the Highlands and used the satnav for the first time. Because I thought I knew the way I took a turning I shouldn’t have taken. The satnav stopped speaking to me and I thought it was sulking. I expected a message telling me I had gone the wrong way, but instead I got further instructions – it had accepted what I had done and had recalculated a new route, brilliant! Some satnavs that can’t do that. There are others that tell you that you have gone wrong. What’s the point of that?

My daughter in law had to drive into Glasgow recently so she borrowed her friend’s satnav. As you may know, as is the case with phones and ringtones, you can download different satnav voices. Her friend had downloaded an Irish voice. Despite satnav guidance, D-in-L went horribly wrong and found herself facing a brick wall in a dead-end street. The very Irish satnav seemed just as perplexed as she was and asked her ‘Where the f**k are you going?

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