A touch of frost

Summer is over. Yesterday, 31st August, we had our first frost. I got into my car at 7am and the windscreen was frozen. I squirted my washers and the water froze on the screen, despite the washer fluid being a weak mix of Halfords’ best. That we had a frost was also evidenced by the sad looking vegetables in our garden – they are no doubt lamenting the fact that this year we have had only 71 consecutive frost-free days (our previous frost was 20th June) – and it’s not as if we live in the Highlands.

While I was out I popped into Halfords to refresh my stock of washer fluid. The best stuff in stock promised (well, not promised, because ads and labels don’t do that, do they?) to protect down to -6°C. Only minus six? One night last winter it dropped to -20°C! I’m sensitive about such things. Two years ago I didn’t have the correct mix of screenwash. The washer reservoir froze solid, and cracked.

Am I bovvered? Not really. We are quite high up and have a wonderful view. Also, frosty nights mean sunny days. But try telling that to the veg.

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