Leuchars Airshow: Never again!

Bad Day at Black Rock.* (for Black Rock, read Leuchars Air Show, Scotland’s answer to Farnborough).

Decided to go to the Leuchars Air Show, having been assured by announcements in the media that the RAF, the police, the AA and Fife Council had got to grips with the show’s infamous traffic jams. Paid lots of money for advance tickets – and as I had the three-year-old (who will soon be four, as he reminds me more than occasionally) – I bought the pricey ‘parking on base’ tickets rather than the park and ride ones.

I have just returned home after a day sitting in the car in the worst traffic jam I have ever encountered, worse than anything I have seen on the M6 between Manchester and Birmingham (Ha! You call those things traffic jams? You ain’t seen nothing!). THREE HOURS to travel two miles and with 10 miles still to go! At 12 noon (and with two superbly behaved children in the back – not once did I hear ‘are we there yet?’), and having just been told by two police officers that the jam went all the way to Leuchars, I did a 12-point turn in the road and headed for home, joining the hundreds of drivers that had done the same since we got in the jam. After sitting there for 3 hours, common sense had told me that things were not going to change, and simple maths told me that as I had taken 3 hours to drive 2 miles it would take me over 6 hours to get to Leuchars. As the authorities had announced they were going to stop cars entering the gates in 2 hours time, there wasn’t much point continuing.

You cannot put 2 pints into a 1 pint pot, guys!
– which is exactly what you are trying to do. When will someone in authority have the guts to say that it is physically impossible to get that number of cars into that part of Fife in the time that is available? There is an easy solution: stop ripping off the public; limit the number of tickets that are sold, don’t keep selling the damn things knowing that half of us don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere near the show! These jams are legend, so surely, from a moral point of view, continuing to sell numbers of tickets well above the number of people that can possibly get to the airfield on those roads, and in the time available, is simply a rip-off. I might as well have torn up £20 notes.

I saw more aircraft when I drove past Edinburgh Airport that I saw at Leuchars. I took my camera. I even bought a spare battery. As I never even got to see a plane, the one below will have to do. It’s HH’s Spruce Goose.

Am I angry? You bet.
As I said at the start, never again!
Hundreds – possibly thousands – of others will be saying the same thing.

*For those that don’t know – an old but brilliant black and white movie.


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3 responses to “Leuchars Airshow: Never again!

  1. Yes, an absolute disaster. 150 miles to sit in a jam, gave up at the roundabout just going out of Cupar. Luckily we opted to pay at the gate after last year’s weather meant nothing flew. If that’s the best traffic plan the police, the RAF and the council can come up with then let’s hope it Leuchars that gets the chop and not one of the bases in Moray where I live.

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