Reading allowed

I managed to read three books in thirty minutes: Shark in the Dark; The Night Pirates; and Mog, the Forgetful Cat. I read them aloud, something I don’t often do in a bookshop (or haven’t done since I was about five – the TYO gets them from the shelves and I have to read them to him. The bookshop people don’t seem to mind, especially as I often buy a couple of books). I wasn’t brought up with ‘Mog’ books, but I’m guessing a lot of people were because the first one was published in 1970. It would be interesting to know how the total income from these over the last forty years compares with flash-in-the-pan ‘bestsellers’. I don’t suppose that kind of statistic is of particular interest. I’m guessing that knowing how much you are going to make on a book over the next forty years isn’t part of the equation when deciding on which books to publish.

For myself I’m reading The Dying Light by author Henry Porter (NOT Harry Potter). I am halfway through it, and it seems to have something of Le Carré about it. Oh… one of the books I bought after I had read Mog, etc., is Le Carré’s latest, ‘Our Kind of Traitor.’ That’s next in my reading quietly to myself queue.

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