Zebras Crossing

No, the zebras aren’t on the farm at Whitmuir Organics, they are at Edinburgh Zoo. I can’t say I’m a great believer in zoos, but they do have their uses when you want to entertain the TYO (still not quite four, he keeps telling me) for four hours on a chilly October day. We were walking past the zebras when I was asked if we could go to see the ogres. I reminded him that we were in a zoo, not a movie. It was only when I got home that I realised he probably meant gorillas.

Oh, and beech nuts (he waded through fallen leaves and beech nut husks) are called beech nuts because you find them on beaches, apparently. Not a lot of people know that.

He was impressed by the flamingos. Years ago I was told in all seriousness by a work colleague that flamingos were pink because they ate prawns. Presumably they had found a way of cooking them.

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