Santa brought me this little book. I am willing to admit to you that I have a shed. I am also willing to admit that I have a big garage and that, like the shed, it is stuffed with motorbikes, tools and spray cans and parts of engines. In fact there is so much junk… (whoops! I don’t mean junk, I mean valuable stuff)… that I was even willing to accept that I might be a little bit weird. That is, of course, until I read ‘Men and Sheds’.

I am not recommending it… unless you like creepy books.


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2 responses to “Sheds

  1. So glad you liked the book. I am working on a successor, The Wonder Book of Sheds. Maybe you’d like to be in it. Do you write in your shed?
    Deadline is very close as book is to be published in June, so let me know. I’m just looking for three photos – shed exterior, interior, one other, including one with you in, high res digital originals. I can get enough info otherwise from your website and an email or two. Might be useful publicity.
    Happy New Year.

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