You might think that the Red Cross panto fiasco is enough corporate stupidity for one week. Not so. There is another. Have you heard about the ice-cream lady in Blackburn? It is here. To summarise, an electricity company installs the wrong meter. Ten years later it discovers its mistake and bills the user for £60,000. Yes, really! The company, E.ON (whatever that means – could it be Electricity Overcharging Numpties?) has agreed to reduce the charge to £30,000. Now why would they do that, unless they accepted that it was all their fault?

The company says it is ‘aiming to transform every aspect of energy’. Right. We get the message, guys. You make mistakes and we pay.

I’m about to start bulk-buying ice cream (chocolate) in case other energy suppliers become infected with E.ON’s money-making ideas.

Footnote: I’m not sure how a small ice cream company can use £60,000 worth of electricity in ten years. Are they sure they haven’t got Blackburn’s street lights connected to their meter?

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