I popped in to a jewellers at Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh to have my wedding ring enlarged. The ring is a wide gold band that hasn’t fitted properly for about ten years and the reason, I told the young man, is that they shrink over time. Okay, he didn’t believe me either and I had to admit that my finger might have thickened a little over the years, like the rest of me. Yesterday evening I went to collect the ring and realised that having it enlarged actually cost more than the ring did in 1970 (though no great surprise there). The price of a similar gold ring now is more than ten times what it was then (again, no surprise).

When I took my wedding ring into Ocean Terminal the escalators weren’t working, though they could still be walked on, like stairs. Because the escalators were stationary you might think that people wouldn’t worry about which ones to use. Not so. Rather than walk down what, when working, would have been an ‘up’ escalator, some preferred to walk right around to the other side so they could walk down another stationary one. There’s nowt as queer as folk.

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