COOL BEER. Or not.

I have a reconditioned beer cooler in my garage. I bought it on eBay a year ago and it didn’t cost a bomb and it isn’t that big, about the size of a microwave. I don’t drink much beer but that’s not what it’s for, I bought it to help warm my greenhouse. It would be nice if I could say the idea is my own, but I saw it on BBC Scotland’s ‘Beechgrove Garden’ programme. The cooler will act as a heat pump and will, hopefully, raise the temperature in the greenhouse a few degrees, just enough to prevent frosts zapping the seedlings (we get frosts as late as early June). The heat isn’t free. Like a fridge, it needs electricity. You get Owt for Nowt, as my Granddad would say (no points for guessing which county he came from).

Heat pumps have been described as fridges that work in reverse, but that’s an odd explanation. They are better described as fridges that take heat from the ground instead of from your food – and just like a fridge they put that heat into your house. As you can see in the photo, I’ve got as far as fitting two brass connectors to it. All I have to do now is to lay about twenty metres of pipe in a shallow trench in my garden and then cut through the concrete floor of the greenhouse – which probably explains why the cooler is still in my garage.

Watch this space….

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