Don’t you just hate it?

My English Language teachers must be turning in their graves. Bigger than WHAT, Whittle? Better than WHAT? I would be ducking behind my desk to avoid the chalk and the board dusters.

I find this offensive, because the kind of advertising morons who write this stuff are assuming that we too are morons, and that we fall for junk like this. Note that I bought this bag of spinach because I wanted spinach, not because it was bigger and better. Honest. And you need a big bag of spinach, because when it is steamed it reduces to about 1/100 the amount you started with.

I have no doubt that if people are indeed capable of turning in their graves then John Sainsbury will be doing it too.

BUT, are we (we advertising guys) bovvered? Do we look bovvered?

And the spinach…? It’s not that I want muscles like Popeye, it’s just that bed of it goes well under sea bass.

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