Palette gardening

I have been away, building a garden. Well, not away, exactly. It just felt like it. The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (reduced to less of a mouthful as RCHS) holds its annual flower show at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens in March each year and some time ago I found myself co-opted into contributing to this event by constructing a palette garden. What, you may ask, is a palette garden? I have been involved with the construction industry long enough to know what a palette is, but a palette garden? A garden that fits on a palette? A palette that is lifted by a fork-lift truck? No, not exactly. It just happens to be one-metre square, the size of a palette.

Anyway, it won 2nd prize. I was aided and abetted by Tracy, without whom (as they say) the garden might not have been built… constructed… finished… might well not have won second prize.

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