Ethanol in fuel – more grief…

This isn’t the first time I’ve been on about ethanol added to fuel. As I said here, amongst other nasty things ethanol does it absorbs moisture from the air. The moisture gets into fuel tanks and the fuel system and causes corrosion. The photo shows one of the float chambers from the carburettors on my BMW R80 motorbike. The last time I checked these chambers, about a year ago, they were clean. Because of a little incident with petrol flooding out over my shoes I have just checked them again. From what I have read about ethanol in fuel, the UK Government doesn’t think there’s a problem, despite having commissioned an independent report that concluded:

“Based on the experience of other markets where E10 (10% ethanol in fuel) has been introduced it is estimated that the majority of vehicles ten years old or older will not be compatible with E10 due to fuel system material incompatibility issues. Field experience, vehicle trials and laboratory testing have demonstrated carburettor vehicles and powered two wheelers will suffer problems due to material incompatibility, corrosion and drivability problems…”Presumably not the answer they wanted, seeing that they have done absolutely nothing about it.

The price of grain is now inextricably linked to the price of oil. See here. One fifth of the US maize crop goes to make biofuels.


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2 responses to “Ethanol in fuel – more grief…

  1. Neil Wyatt

    The German public have boycotted E10 petrol. Before long even E5 will kill someone. Some years ago the Petseal liner of my tank turned to gum and I couldn’t work out why when it had been fine for many years without a problem. Ethanol was introduced by stealth, spill E5 on your paintwork and wipe the paint off with it.
    Unfortunately Government are determined to meet their renewable target as set out in the 2008 Miliband Climate Act. There is a need for E0 petrol but nothing is allowed to stand in the way of the climate nutters, not even a debate!

    • Two years ago I sealed my 1969 T100 tank with Petseal. I’ve just removed it by using 1ltr of Nitromors sloshed around in the tank every day for a month. It’s finally clear again and ready for sealing with something that will be E10 proof.

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