McGonagall again (or not, again*)

Sir Garnet Wilson LLD
Established a garden for the good folk of Dundee
The great man was Lord Provost and so for good measure
They preserved the tree that he looked on with pleasure.

Now the Botanic Garden fills the good folk with gladness
For the City of Dundee has known such great sadness
From parts of the garden they all have a view
Of the long Bridge of Tay, not the old, but the new.

The world has all heard of the old bridge’s fate
When many lives and a train were plunged into the spate
The bridge was affected by terrible weather
And despite many rivets it did not hold together.

(With apologies to WTMcG and Sir Garnett W. Couldn’t resist it. The plaque’s wording (click on it) is so McGonagallesque).



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3 responses to “McGonagall again (or not, again*)

  1. Debra Dickson

    Is am researching my dear uncle, Uncle Garnet, and ran across this posting. I am trying to reconnect with distant relatives and would welcome the opportunity to ‘meet’ any of Sir Garnets remaining relatives. I am from the US side of his family, who he visited with Lady Rita in the late 1960’s and we remained close until his passing in 1975. I am also trying to locate his possibly burial where his ashes were interred. If anyone can direct me to the right resource, I would be greatly appreciative.

    Debbie Dickson
    Cleveland, Ohio, USA

    • Richard Whittle

      Hi Debbie, Sorry I have taken so long to reply, but I haven’t looked at my blog for some time. I photographed this plaque a few years ago in Dundee. If your uncle is Sir Garnet Wilson, then if you have not already done so, I suggest that you google “dundee historical society” and then follow up some of the leads you get from the various pages? Good luck with your research! Richard

  2. Richard Whittle

    Did you have any success?

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