Built-in obsolescence?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that nice pieces of kit are spoiled by thoughtless assembly?

The stainless scissors: Stainless? Really? Look at the rivet that holds the two halves together – a wee bit of brainpower would have told the makers* that this would happen.
The car numberplate: You pay thousands (well, I did) for a car. Within a few months the screws holding the numberplate start to rust, presumably because somebody couldn’t be bothered to use stainless steel screws costing one penny more. The rust soon spreads, and before you know it your car is rusting away to nothing.
My motorbike sidecar: I can’t remember how much this cost me but it wasn’t peanuts. Why bother to have aluminium trim on the windscreen if you are going to secure it with cheap and nasty screws that start to rust on the first misty day of the year? (Believe it or not, the maker of the sidecar is the best in the business).

Yes, okay, I really should get out more. But do I have a point?

*I’ve just noticed – could this be the same firm that makes these?
The mind is starting to boggle…

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