Animals at Edinburgh’s Botanics

It is now two weeks since I went to Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens. Argueably August isn’t the most obvious time to visit because it is an in-between time, when the best of the flowers are fading and the colours of Autumn aren’t yet with us (though judging by our recent Autumnal mornings and evenings they will be with us soon). The reason I went to the Botanics was to look at the animals. No, not the zoo, the Botanic Gardens…, and to prove it I have attached a few examples. Unfortunately the menagerie closed on Sunday, but here is the Jungle City website (I don’t know how long that will be up either, but judging by some of the pages on the web it could be around for years).
Yes, these are steel washers (stainless, I hope), each one welded to the next. Labour of love, or what?


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2 responses to “Animals at Edinburgh’s Botanics

  1. Anonymous

    Not stainless. They are meant to rust.

  2. I suppose that makes sense. A rusty brown big cat is better camouflaged than a shiny one. (If you made the cat, it’s a shame you stayed anonymous. It is an astounding, beautiful piece of work! Don’t be shy! Tell me who you are!)

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