Slime Mould in your grass

I remember reading somewhere that this stuff (or yellow variations of it), is harmless. It is not. According to Professor Roy Watling this ‘Dog’s Vomit Fungus’ fuligo septica has spores that can enter the pores in your skin and cause VERY NASTY THINGS to happen there. It appeared in my grass this time last year and it is there again now. If you get it, don’t simply mow it. Use a plastic bag over your hand and do that dog-poo thing with it. Tear up the grass to lift it up. Bag it and bin it. Best not to breathe while you are doing it. And wash your hands. Here endeth…. etc.


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4 responses to “Slime Mould in your grass

  1. Mark Pragnell

    Where is your source references? Some mold is harmless and eaten worldwide.

    • I don’t have a printed source. I attended a fungus workshop at Dawyck led by Professor Roy Watling (follow the links in my blog item). I am aware that there are many edible fungi. According to Watling fuligo septica is definitely not one of them. According to him once the spores enter the pores of your skin they are very difficult to get rid of. I certainly wouldn’t want to eat it! You can try, of course. Let me know which hospital they take you to and I’ll send you some flowers.

      • Roy Watling did say that the spores of this fungus are the problem, that if you touch it at the wrong time then the spores can enter the pores of your skin and germinate there. The resulting rash is very hard to get rid if. I am a geologist, not a mycologist. I am only repeating what I heard from a recognised expert.

  2. Cherry Thompson

    Thanks for the advice… Dogs vomit is exactly the description I was looking for.. Very apt Wanted to post photos but can’t find an add photo button

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