Virus Alert

My notebook PC came up with a pop-up notice today telling me that my virus checker had protected me from a number of threats recently. Then it listed them: File based threats blocked 0; e-mail threats blocked 0; Spyware healed 0; Infections healed 0; Total threats protected against 4708684 – presumably the number of viruses on their list.

Not much to worry about there, then.

Having said that, when I buy and set up a new computer – for myself or anyone else (I do about one a year) – the very first thing I do is to remove the ‘free’ virus checker the manufacturer has included in the software package – software that is free only for the first year, of course. Then it runs out and you get a demand for an on-line payment to keep it up to date. Not one demand, but one every time you use your computer. To me this is like blackmail.

After deleting the so-called freebie I go online and download a genuinely free virus checker such as AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials. AVG has worked for me for years. I have been using desktop computers since 1980 and have never had a virus that has damaged or immobilised my PC.

If you haven’t already done so, try it. I was given a copy of Which? Magazine recently and I’m chuffed to say that they came to the same conclusion.

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