“Don’t tell him, Pike”*

Sometimes I stumble upon things that I find hard to believe. How about this one? I came across the obituary of a certain Günter Behnisch, in Germany a respected, well-known architect who died in 2010. His obituary, in ‘Spiegel Online‘ describes him as the man who gave post-war Germany a new face. New face? Really? Look at the photo above and then at this black and white pic. Notice anything? The tower on the architect’s model? The gun platform on the u-boat?

The more I Googled, the better it got. Coincidence? I don’t think so. If you are unconvinced, here are more:





Still not convinced? Perhaps it would help if I told you that before he became an architect, Günter Behnisch was a u-boat commander in WWII.

Herr Behnisch, it seems, had a sense of humour.

*Dad’s Army

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