Edinburgh’s Tram Works

Edinburgh’s St.Andrew Square.
Call me a pedant, but if I pay good money to have something done then I expect good results. It’s called professionalism. The odd spelling mistake or grammatical slip-up here and there isn’t a problem, we all do it.

So what has irked me this time (apart from the fact that the sign itself is meaningless)? It’s Accommodate. You may not have spotted the spelling mistake, it is a common enough one. As I said, there is no problem with spelling things wrong at personal level. What is very wrong is when it appears in public (and when the public – you and I – paid for it).

Maybe I have worked on too many civil engineering sites, but mistakes like this worry me. If they get stuff wrong at this level, what else are they getting wrong? When things like this – trivial things – appear up-front, in public, it can only mean that the organisations involved have poor quality assurance, the professional checking process that exists to prevent such sloppiness.

Like here.
(Incidentally, the Costa sign is still in the St.James Centre. Nobody has bothered to change it. What they have changed is the name of the place itself, it is now called The St.James Quarter – as if that somehow improves it. If it wasn’t for John Lewis I’d bulldoze it).

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