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Glasgow Riverside

I have been playing around with Microsoft’s Photosynth and uploaded a 1941 Glasgow fire engine. Photosynth is a ‘virtual tour’ programme that is free for all to use.
Apologies if fire engines don’t turn you on, it’s just that it made a good subject, it had lots of bits and bobs – and a bonnet (hood for my US readers) straight from Chitty-chitty Bang Bang. The turntable escape engine dates from 1941 and is on display at Glasgow’s new Riverside Museum on Clydebank. Open Photosynth (link is at the foot of this post), move your pointer over the screen and click on the box outlines. Try to find the boxes that get you behind the engine so you can look up the ladder – it isn’t easy!
When you have exhausted the first sequence, use the controls (the row of white icons) and find 2-D view. This gives you a screen of 120 photos that make up the ‘tour’. Those at the top are the main sequence. Double-click on any photos in the other rows (I like the one with the turntable ladder!) and you will get back to the virtual tour.

The virtual tour uses 120 photos

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