My posts haven’t flowed as freely as I would have liked, partly due to other commitments and partly to the fact that my pocket sized ever-present camera remained in my trouser pocket throughout a 3 1/2 hour wash cycle at 40degC. All credit to Canon, after drying and replacing the camera’s battery, the camera still worked – though the pictures have been ever so slightly hazy, as if looking through a lightly steamed window. No surprise there. Maybe I should have added one of those glass cleaning tablets to the washing machine.

Lunacy? Well, perhaps leaving the camera in my pocket was lunacy. But that’s not what I meant. My ever trusty (new) camera was put to use at the Straiton shopping centre yesterday. When I drove in, all spaces were full… except one. So I swung into it.

Stopped just in time, luckily.

Driving in Straiton’s car park is a nightmare. It must surely be one of Britain’s most badly planned, tight cornered, maze-like one way systems ever.

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