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Movie ‘Pan’ – Brilliant!


I have just taken my grandson to see ‘Pan’. I went with mixed feelings because it seems to have bad critics’ reviews. Ignore them, they are rubbish. Pan is a very credible prequel to Peter Pan. J M Barrie would have approved. It is well acted, has a well crafted storyline and stunning graphics. After so many Harry Potters and Lords of Rings this is a welcome and refreshing break. The 9-year-old loved it, as did I. Just remember, you are not going to see yet another remake of Peter Pan. You are going to see how Peter Pan came to be. It does the job well. Believe me, I wouldn’t go to this trouble if I wasn’t so incensed by the critics’ rubbish reviews. This is a box office gem, not a turkey. Why are so many reviewers bitter and destructive? Is it because they realise that if they had more real talent (or any at all) they could actually produce such excellent stuff themselves?

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One picture – worth a thousand words

Yes, I know it’s not an original expression (Google it), but look at this photo. To commemorate the 1914-18 War the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, sowed a poppy garden. Today, 4th October, I photographed it (for personal reasons I have a love of blue cornflowers, one of the flowers planted with the poppies). At this time of year the poppies have died, of course. There are not 18 million dead poppies here (click on the image). But spot the flower I fell in love with today. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why. IMG_2788.

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