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They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace…

I have been away. In the words of the song, up to London to visit The Queen… except that I am no pussycat and it wasn’t The Queen, it was Prince Charles (The Duke of Rothesay to those North of The Border) and it wasn’t me who was invited but my wife – our son and I were mere guests. It was quite a day. London was almost as cold as home, so it’s good to know they keep the palace nice and warm. We were permitted to take photographs in the courtyard and caught a group of Yeoman of the Guard (They are not ‘Beefeaters’. Nor are these particular guys Yeoman Warders – Gilbert and Sullivan got it wrong) boarding their bus. For some perverse reason it reminded me of the man who carried two tons of canaries in a one ton truck. When asked how he did it he said he banged on the sides to keep half of them flying around*.

(© A A Milne. The poem, I mean. Not a lot of people know that…).

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