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Small Mercies

When I am out with the FYO and about to cross a road I do what was once known as ‘kerb drill’ and subsequent to that, the ‘green cross code’. He does all the work, looking up and down the street and listening and watching, before telling me it’s safe to cross. ‘Remember to watch for bicycles,’ I said today. ‘Sometimes you can’t hear them, they don’t make much noise.’ Like Prius cars, I suppose, but I neglected to mention that. ‘So when you cross the road,’ I added, ‘You must watch for bicycles as well as cars and lorries and things.’ ‘And dog poo,’ he said. Though I initially agreed with him I was careful to put this additional hazard into perspective because dog poo, thankfully, doesn’t travel at thirty miles per hour and is far less likely to knock you down.

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