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Biggar Classic Vehicle Show 2011

I took advantage of this month’s one sunny day (so far) to visit the Biggar Classic Vehicle Show. I know that probably sounds weird to you, but I just happen to like old engines. For something to do, apart from looking around and buying a few tools, I took photos and videos. The compilation is on YouTube, here. Not exactly Cartier-Bresson stuff I know, but it’s only a very small camera.

I realised I had been walking around the show for long enough (4.5hrs) when this little number started to look attractive:

I know it hasn’t got an engine, but it folds up. It would fit on the back of my motorbike.

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Dawyck Botanic Garden

The garden at Dawyck, between Peebles and Biggar, is looking wonderful. The early rhododendrons have faded, but azaleas and later rhododenrons have taken over and provide plenty of colour. Swathes of bluebells replace daffodils, and in the meadow near the old chapel, where the last of the cowslips hang on to their blooms, wild orchids can be found in the grass – for now, only the new shoots and leaves, but there is plenty of colour up there in the form of male pheasants, strutting their stuff.

More Dawyck here

Ah… I almost forgot the beds of meconopsis – Himalayan blue poppies – that make gardeners in the south green with envy (and there isn’t much that grows well up here that won’t grow well down there).

Dawyck is on Facebook. If you are too, and if you are logged in, click this

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