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Gas attack

I now have gas! Only half a tankful, but if that means twice as many people who ran out of gas can have half a tank rather than a full tank then that has to be a good thing. Many food and materials delivery problems are the result of this ‘just in time’ thing, where retailers, contractors and suppliers of almost everything no longer hold stocks themselves but rely on delivery companies getting the goods to them on a day-to-day basis, which presumably works well when the roads are clear. Before BP Gas fitted a telemetry system to my tank I would get a top-up whenever a tanker was in the area. Also, if my gauge showed about 30%, I would call them and ask for a top-up.

Now they wait for a radio signal telling them my tank level is low (less than 20%, I believe) and they come and fill it up. But because there are no casual top-ups, and because levels have been allowed to drop much lower than they would have done before, there is far less gas out there in customer’s tanks than there used to be. So, guess what happens when there is snow and the tankers can’t deliver?

All this stuff is called logistics. It used to be called deliveries. There is more about logistics here.

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To BP or not to BP…*

I have gas central heating and a gas hob. It’s probably not the same gas you use because chances are yours comes through a pipe. Mine comes from a large tank in my garden that is refilled by a BP Gas tanker. Until last year I had to check the gauge on the top of my tank, and when its contents dropped to around 30% I logged on to the the BP Gas website and placed an order for more. The system worked well. I usually had a delivery within one week of placing the order.

This has now been superseded by new technology. I am told that I no longer have to read the gauge and place orders because my tank now has a transmitter that communicates with BP. A month ago I found the transmitter covered by one foot of snow and when I cleared it away I noticed that the gauge showed 30%. Because the transmitter had probably been unable to transmit for a while I ordered a top-up on line and explained why I had done it. I told BP that the access to my tank was clear and that surrounding roads had been snowploughed and gritted.

Christmas came and went. New Year came and went. Still no top-up. My tank level now reads 10%, the needle is well into the red, and in case the thing that talks to BP hasn’t told them that, I have done it too.

Thankfully we are having a heatwave, it is +3ºC today instead of the -8ºC to -22ºC we had last month so I have turned the heating down (and off, whenever I can). Today I heard tankers, but none came to me. Instead they delivered heating oil to my neighbours.

You would think BP would want to sell as much gas as it possibly could, given that they have rather large bills to pay elsewhere in the world. As far as BP is concerned, President Obama and I are not happy bunnies.

*and the question is (posed not by Hamlet, but by me), will that tanker come before I run out of gas? If it doesn’t then I’m going to be looking for someone else to supply my gas, I’m sure other companies will be interested.

Watch this space…


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