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The Daily Express Cries Wolf *


Again, and again, and again….
Don’t bother to click on the pic. It says ‘temperatures will plummet to -14C by the New Year – say experts’

Look at other things their ‘experts’ have said:

Winter 2013 expected to be worst since 1947 with heavy and persistent snow forecast for UK

Where I live (in Scotland!) we had almost no snow.

Winter 2014: Britain is set for Arctic Freeze in November

As I remember it, November 2014 was one of the mildest ever.

Winter 2014 set to be ‘coldest for century’ Britain faces ARCTIC FREEZE in just weeks

Well, I’m waiting.
But I’m not holding my breath.
Sad if this is the only way they can sell their papers. Yet people still buy them. I find that quite weird.

*”when we are alarmed with imaginary dangers in respect of the public, till the cry grows quite stale and threadbare, how can it be expected we should know when to guard ourselves against real ones?”
Samuel Croxall (1690 – 1752)


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Have sign. Will use it.

Had enough of the Highways Agency’s nanny-state messages? Haven’t they heard about crying wolf? Most of their signs say nothing helpful or useful. Many are way out of date, sometimes days. Soon we won’t even bother to look at them.

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